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Maurizio D’Andrea, artista contemporaneo, nato a Napoli, crea quello che sente, non quello che vede. La sua produzione artistica si contraddistingue per un linguaggio introspettivo ed universale che indaga a fondo l’animo umano con creazioni geometriche ed astratte-liriche. La sua creatività e la sua contemporaneità lo consacrano come un artista universale per la sua produzione artistica nel campo della pittura, grafica digitale, scultura, fotografia e di cortometraggi artistici.
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Maurizio D’Andrea produces symbolic works where scenes meet contrasts of shapes and colours that blend their bases, principally on the concept of space and balance between the parts shared by a strong and distinct expressive capacity. The artist achieves this through both geometric-abstract and lyrical compositions, resolved with a dynamism cadenced by fine fading and with a rich combination of bright colours and aspects marked by a prominent and decisive ability to adapt to reality.  The artist analyses, investigates and delves into his own interiority unceasingly, always employing new structural solutions, new techniques, new creative research. His compositional maturity through essential artistic evolution has thus allowed him to develop his inner manifesto, which combines poetic identities and ideal existential aspects. Maurizio D’Andrea moves between various artistic fields such as painting, graphics, digital, sculpture, generative art and photography.  His multiple orientations are somewhat distinctive, concealing a harnessed fantasy that releases a surprisingly armed inventive vigour when unleashed.
He can therefore define himself as a universal and versatile artist due to his method of self-declaration in the essence of things and attitudes, and his ability to make a thought the image and mirror of his own psychological identity. In these works, founded on absolute freedom of execution, we witness a repetitive and vigorous gesture, accuracy in realisation, the flow of the brush, the use of collages and assemblages. Maurizio D’Andrea becomes the architect of a universe in constant transformation, since art always follows the course of time. A difficult time to describe, where the concept of art is overturned in favour of ever-expanding technology. It is precisely for this reason that he abandons the excesses of painting past, to arrive at a decidedly personal art where the extreme ways and colours brought about by evocative atmospheres come together on the media through freely expressed emotions, emitting energy that captivates the viewer.  

DR. Antonio Castellana

Maurizio D’Andrea’s art can be translated into a fluid flow of energy and colour between artist and canvas. His works feature a continuous push and pull of fluctuating colours, in an ideal world comprised of faces, feelings and appeals to nature where the colour is hidden by light veils, by a transparency that almost muffles the vision of the work. Like a life coach, this artist deals with strong and particularly intense themes, thus expressing his desire to direct the viewer towards thoughts and feelings of hope and love, towards the planet and towards himself.


The artist envelops us in an explosion of colors.
 His art is pure kinetic energy.  

An explosion, an innovation and an experimentation are the hallmarks of his works.

Refined, eclectic and innovative artist.
Creative flair that shuns any scheme.

Borderless horizons in a journey full of emotions.
Immersed in an energetic wind full of colors.

His art gives unexpected emotions, suggests perspectives and surprising points of view,  interweaving energy and life

By a blogger from the United States
Maurizio D’Andrea is a diver in the deepest seas and a climber on the tallest mountains, exploring his inner landscape right up to the edges. And what a vast landscape it is, filled with deep emotions and intellectual pensivity. It is no small task to delve so deep into oneself. To say it is uncomfortable is to put it mildly. We all wish to believe that we are good, through and through, but this kind of introspection is bound to unearth thoughts and feelings. It takes a certain kind of courage to expose these inner workings to the rest of the world.
D’Andrea is possessed of this courage. When he emerges from his wondrous and deep world, he does not come empty handed. He brings his treasures with his, and he manifests them into a form which we all can see and feel.
He makes them into art.
Any person of such varied thoughts will not allow themself to be confined to one medium, and Maurizio D’Andrea is no different. He explores himself in paint, in photography, in digital art and video and sculpture. One mind has many facets, and not all sides use the same tools for expression. Some parts of the mind need extreme malleability and bright colors, while others wish to spring off the canvas and into the three-dimensional world.
The mind is not a place of hard edges and perfectly pristine details. Thoughts flow in an ever-changing river, constantly morphing their shape so that they may appear entirely different on second glance. It is a vast and frustrating mission to extricate images from this turbulent ocean. With a bit of patience and grace, and plenty of time and practice, you may be able to make something magical. It is not a task for everyone.
Maurizio D’Andrea has taken on this burden, and his creations are something otherworldly. His style is abstract, often using large, all-consuming brush strokes that fill the page. In some of his paintings, humanoid figures dance just beyond the clouded film of perception. In others, dark mountains hide texture in their shadows, and trees blow in treacherous winds. Long lines give smooth assuredness, and sharp angles give abrupt changes in mood.
Of course, solitude is not the only way in which we discover ourselves.. Humans are naturally social creatures, and sometimes we need others to tell us what we cannot see on our own. In his digital art, D’Andrea explores melded human bodies, twisted together in movement or sitting alone. Regular patterns of stripes and grids appear often in the background. It’s the kind of thing our brains excel at recognising, but which our hands are not much good at replicating unaided. Computers, on the other hand, are made up entirely of patterns like this. It is built into the very language of their processing. Although modern psychology often uses computation as a model for the human mind, this could not be further from the truth. We are not made of such rigid stuff as our computers.
Yet in an increasingly digital world, our organic bodies are forced into a world of perfectly straight lines and immensely efficient calculations with humanity stitched into the top. There can be no doubt that this has irrevocably changed our human minds beyond anything our analog ancestors could have imagined. D’Andrea expresses this corruption using the very thing that enacted the corruption in the first place: the computer. His computer generated art is amazing because it uses this mechanical tool to understand the very un-mechanical subject of human expression. D’Andrea’s use of logic to express his inner workings is bold.
Some may say that time spent on the unique frontier of each person’s internal world is time wasted. Why not concentrate instead on the world you can see and feel, the world you can actively share with others? In the “real” world, we can answer questions with science, and get “real” answers. Yet each of us knows, deep in our souls, that this rigid understanding cannot possibly encompass every important part of the world. Anyway, you are a part of this world too, and in exploring yourself you are breaching territory that no one else has reached, indeed that no one else can reach. What’s more, the world is made better by each person’s presence in it, and it would be a great waste if we did not give a part of ourselves back to the world, a part that may remain even after we are gone. We are all made better by a glimpse inside your soul, to whatever extent you are willing to share. It belongs here just as much as the rocks in the mountains and the clouds in the sky. It is when we share our souls that we know we are truly alive. Maurizio D’Andrea is therefore an artist of the soul, manifesting his most precious and intimate world for all to see.

Represented by Agora Gallery, New York
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